Food industry companies block chain Alliance Block chain applications breakthrough again

Date:2017-06-23 03:22:49

2017year6month23Day, ushered in Jinan, China Food Industry Association event - the Third China Food Safety and the circulation of cold chain logistics Development Summit at Sheraton Jinan Hotel grand opening, the Ziyun stake Shuanghui logistics, missing food, Chinese food group, Chia Tai(China)Investment Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou one thousand flavor central kitchen and other 20 companies initiated the China Food Industry Alliance was formally established chain block, which is the industrys one small step, one giant leap for food safety, which marks the block chain applications reproduction industry breakthrough, Chinese food safety upgrade!

from2017year3month28May the State Administration of Food and Drug Administration issued Provisions on food production and operation of the establishment of this food traceability system, clearly provides food manufacturers, food enterprises, a variety of data catering enterprises established food traceability system must be traceable, especially food clearly defined transportation information will continue retrospective, at the same time explicitly require food traceability information must ensure that information need not modify technically, specification. The new policy of strict food from farm to table each pass, the Chinese food safety into the four most serious of the era.

As bears the main responsibility for food safety of Chinese food industry enterprises, how to deal with tighter government regulation under the new policy requirements, the industry has been a sore point. China Food Industry Association fully aware of business needs, invited industry experts on food industry enterprises, food cold chain logistics enterprises in-depth interpretation of the meeting, corporate crack confused.

As vice president of logistics and food Branch of China Food Industry Association, Luo Jianhui, chairman of Ziyun shares based on the new regulatory requirements of the State Food and Drug Administration launched the first cloud services platform based on food traceability chain block, without increasing the cost of doing business as much as possible premise, in the cloud model, combined with the shares of Ziyun car-free carrier services, using block chain technology for the food industry enterprises to provide a new generation of food safety traceability service, first in the industry to achieve food during storage and transportation information can be traced back , the companys various food safety traceability information in real-time write block chain, technically perfect solution to the problem of traceability data can not be modified, so that the food traceability system for food industry enterprises are able to meet the regulatory requirements of government regulatory authorities.

Retrospective, for regulators and can not be traced. Luo Jianhui further stressed that the public service must be retroactive, so that consumers have a convenient way to trace food purchased, food traceability to make the transition from the original post-supervision as consumers daily consumption of prevention in advance, so you can avoid not meet the quality requirements of food to be consumed, so as to avoid more incidents of food safety, the protection of public food safety to the maximum extent.

Ziyun shares based on the introduction of small micro-channel program block chain so that consumers can simply focus on the retrospective, is an indispensable assistant Consumer food safety and security.

The new policy ground, we must consider the interests of business. Luo Jianhui put forward new ideas on how food production enterprises to implement the national food Administration new drug regulatory policies, A lot of the domestic food industry enterprises mention of retrospective thinking about to increase investment, to increase the cost, without a proper understanding of the food traceability system. to know that serious chaos in food production, a large number of substandard food in the market yield expelled through low-cost, construction traceability system is actually a highlight corporate product quality and food safety an important means of main responsibility is an important measure to better protect their own markets.

In the practice of food traceability, Luo Jianhui team led by innovative Ziyun shares of closely integrated food traceability and marketing business to help companies achieve service delivery through the food product traceability system, so that consumers can simultaneously get to the traceability of products About eating or cooking of the food so that consumers better enjoy high quality food, increase consumer stickiness of their products, increase consumer re-purchase rate of the product. In addition Ziyun shares of food security treasure dating back service can help companies get a lot of personal consumption data, so that enterprises can be precision marketing, improve economic efficiency. In view of the participating companies, the shares of food traceability service Ziyun perfect combination of product and corporate marketing services together, to help enterprises solve food safety problems at the same time, but also solve the problem of large data precision marketing Internet era, such a platform only vitality, can the regulatory policy of the country landing.

After the State Food and drug Administration issued a new policy, food traceability service this market has become just need to market, market size reach 100 billion. Luo Jianhui said he was optimistic. The face of billions of market cake, Ziyun shares chose to share with the industry, Ziyun share scheme in the country each province to find a business scale in5000About million for third-party cold chain logistics companies to jointly develop food traceability service market, for consumers to strict farm to table every pass, so that consumers enjoy food safety!

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