FLIP – token for gamers from gaming experts

Date:2018-04-30 07:30:27

Dear traders,

We are happy to present a new token joining our exchange – the FLP token from Gameflip.

This year alone, there are nearly 2 billion gamers and a growing USD $94.4 billion in revenue from ‘direct-from-publisher’ in-game digital items. Experts predict that it would only grow by 2020.

Gamers spend a significant amount of their lives earning and accumulating digital items within the game worlds they are a part of. However, if the player leaves a game, those in-game items, bought and earned, go to waste. Gameflip has developed a solution aiming to help gamers liquidate those goods.


Gameflip has extensive experience operating a digital marketplace for the buying and selling of in-game digital items and has already accumulated a notable audience of over 2M gamers. Now the company is focusing its efforts on providing gamers liquidity via a secure, transparent ecosystem based on blockchain.


The Gameflip team is made up of gaming industry veterans and has an advantage of having strong, established relationships with the gatekeepers of the industry – the game publishers that own and control the games and therefore, digital goods generated within. These ties developed over the past decade may significantly contribute to spreading the ecosystem and the FLP token.